Support For Chris Beyer for Osage County Clerk


Justin Orf, Nixa City Councilman

I have had the opportunity with my time on the Nixa City Council and working with Republicans across the state to meet some amazing individuals. There is one person who stands out in his passion for and dedication to helping others. Very few people are as genuine and hardworking as Chris Beyer. He has a passion for public service and represents a new generation of leadership, a new direction, and a new future, and that is why I am extremely proud to endorse Chris Beyer for Osage County Clerk!

Samuel Snider, Willard City Alderman

The first time Chris and I met was at a Republican event held by conservative activists. During the day, speakers taught us about the importance of being honest and leading with integrity and a strong moral compass. After reflecting on those key pillars of being a good public servant, I strongly feel that Chris Beyer emulates all of those qualities and I fully support him as the right choice for Osage County Clerk.

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EJ Fleischmann

EJ Fleischmann, Arnold City Council

I am excited to endorse Chris Beyer for County Clerk.  As a city councilman, I understand the honor and responsibilities of being elected as well as the importance of younger people stepping up to the plate and getting involved.  I am proud to support conservatives across the great state of Missouri and I know Chris will be a fantastic County Clerk and will make you proud to cast your vote for him!

To be announced

Check back soon to see other conservative leaders endorsing Chris Beyer For Osage County Clerk.

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